Monday, August 6, 2007

Cinque Terre

Josh went backing packing through Italy with his friend Tally a couple weeks ago. It was 10 mile hike through 5 cities along the Mediterranean coast. They didn't have a hotel available in any of the cities. So they ended sleeping in a parking lot by their car. Josh said it was quite an adventure, seeing as they cliff jumped, swam, hiked, snorkeled, laid on the beach, explored the cities, and took pictures of crazy Europeans. Ha! They ate Italian food and even enjoyed freshly squeezed lemonade. While hiking they found lots of fruit trees, vineyards, and olive trees. They had a blast exploring world war two bunkers, cities and people. But after one night of sleeping on cement, they decided to call it a trip and head home. On the way back they stopped in Lugano to eat pizza one last time before getting back to reality.


The LeRoy's said...

It looks so beautiful. I am so jealous. I would love to go to Europe!

The Bigelow Family said...

Hey Janelle-

I would love to go to Europe some day, souns like there's a lot to do there. Thanks for the comments on my blog, it's nice to know some think my offspring look like me!:) How long have you been married? Any kids soon? I would love the pork salad recipe by the way!