Monday, February 18, 2008

Rome Part 1

Josh and I decided to do a trip to Rome,Italy at the last minute with some of our friends, Anthony and Ashley. We had two packed full touring days. The first day we saw Vatican Museum(Collage 1),St. Peter's Basilica(Collage 2), and Spanish Steps(Collage 3).


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Rome Part 2

Day two we did a personal tour through Palatine Hill, Roman Forum(Collage 1), and Colosseum(Collage 2, which was very entertaining thanks to our tour guide. I can't believe how much history is in Rome. We then walked through Piazza Navona(collage 3). I could have been there all day. And we were even lucky to find a painting we loved. I'll have to post pictures of it later though. Lastly, we went in the Pantheon(Collage 4). Then did a little shopping before heading home. The sales man on the streets were a riot to wheel and deal with. Our trip motto was "I make you good price" because and every salesman said that to us at least fifty times.



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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Believe in Steven

We went to Wengen, Switzerland with our friends the Tomlinsons for the Word Cup ski races. The Tomlinson's have a friend named Steven Nyman who is a member of the US ski team. We were able to see him race along with Josh's all time favorite skier Bode Miller. It was fun for Josh to see Bode not only race but win first place in the downhill. Josh and I stayed a couple nights in Interlaken. We had good food, good skiing, and most of all good company. Thanks to Tomlinsons for inviting us. It was great to meet Steven and his family. Steven's mom was so cute. She handed out pins saying "Believe in Steven", and we held a banner up when he raced. It was fun experiencing a World Cup ski race for the first time. The whole experience made me want to really learn how to ski. For the first time, I saw up close why Josh loves the sport so much.

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Saturday, February 2, 2008

Bear Lake

How is it that I had lived in Utah for practically my entire life and never been snowmobiling?! Well at the end of our trip back home we went to Bear Lake with Josh's family for a few days. We rented 5 snowmobiles for a day. And the boys went skiing another day. As you can see, it was the perfect day for snowmobiling. And it was a weekday, so there was nobody else there.