Monday, March 24, 2008

Bregenz, Austria

We have had a lot of rain in Zurich lately, so we tried to beat the storm and head to Austria. There wasn't a whole lot going on because it's winter. But in the summer time, they have carnivals, boat trips, and boardwalks with vendors selling fun foods and souvenirs. So we walked down by Lake Constance to see the oceanic waves crashing into the shore. Then enjoyed some waffles at a nearby restaurant.
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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Viva Le France

The joy about living in Switzerland is that it is a central location in Europe. We can pretty much travel only a few hours to see something new and completely different. This trip we decided to do a little of both Germany and France. We enjoyed the first day in Strasbourg, France. It's one of the smaller cities we've been to, but had a lot to see. Some of the highlights are Notre Dame Cathedral, half timbered houses, and my favorite thing being the shops along the river.
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Treasure Discovered

Heidelberg, Germany is known for their Alte Brücke (old bridge). It is made of red sandstone and the idea was to replace the former wooden constructions, which were frequently destroyed because of high waters and ice movements. We walked through the Old town to get to the bridge. And when on the bridge, we had the awesome view of a castle. The best part of Heidelberg is the that we came across a treasure chest of American products. We were so excited to discover Subway, Pizza hut and best of all, Hard Rock Cafe. Even though we were full from the beginning, we took the time to get a bit of every food joint. Now let me get it straight that although we do "love" the food in Europe. There are often times we get cravings for good ol' American restaurants.
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