Friday, October 17, 2008

Summer Happenings

Two of my favorite people were in town, Britt and Rach! We spent the night riding around on vespas, eating at Tepanyaki, then topped the night off with a pool party at Rachel's.

Josh surprised once again with a night out. He bought some tickets to the Magical Mystery tour up at the Deer Valley resort. They had the Beatles themed music with the Utah Orchestra playing in the background. These guys sounded EXACTLY like the real deal. We were both completely convinced they were from London. When they broke out with their American accents at the end, we were in total shock. This event was definitely a highlight of our summer.

We have missed Europe quite a bit. So it was nice to feel a piece of it at the Ocktoberfest up at Snowbird. The food was authentic and the music was bravarin. Which means lots of lederhasen and umpla music.
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Family Summer Extravaganza

My uncle Reed arranged for a little family reunion with the Nuttall side of my family . We all got together for a Swim/BBQ at the country club.

This is Josh's annual Frampton family reunion. Josh's dad planned the whole day out so well. He had the "Frampton Family Olympics". The family was split up into to teams to compete in various events.

My family took a trip down to Fish lake for a few days. I have never been into fishing. But it was rewarding this trip to actually catch my first fish! The best thing about living back in Utah is being able to spend a lot more time with family. Our nieces and nephews are at such fun ages. They cracked us up constantly.

Our last trip of the summer, we went to Lake Powell with Josh's family. Josh is one of the best waterskiiers I know. So I LOVED watching him do what he does best. The rest of the week was filled with exploration, cliff jumping, fishing, sunbathing, and more waterskiing/wakeboarding.
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