Sunday, June 24, 2007

Father's Day

I can't help but to think of our little Kaleb this fathers Day. I know it will always mark a special day in my heart. One year ago on the 15th is when our little guy passed away. I find myself thinking what could have been. Thinking what things Josh would be teaching him. Or just watching them play together. I can't wait to see what the future holds for our family. Thank you for all you do to make me happy. Happy Fathers Day!

CTW at Connyland

Josh and I had the opportunity to do Community Team work with Josh's company recently. This one particular was an eye opener for the both of us. We took 8 recovering drug addicts to Connyland to take their minds off the difficult time they are going through. I couldn't believe how far gone some of them were. It's sad to think of how their lives are ruined because of their addictions. I truly feel blessed to be where I am today.

Connyland was pretty impressive. There were rides, shows, a petting zoo and good food. The dolphin show was my favorite part of the day. Josh was the one who put the whole day together for everyone, and he did an awesome job.

Holzhausern Golf Course

I think I found myself a new hobby. Josh and I had the chance to golf at one the courses over here. I have to admitt that part of the reason why I love it so much is because we are in an exotic place while doing it. I had a bit of a difficult time at first, but by the end I was hitting the balls pretty far. I ended up hitting a couple buckets of balls with the daughter of our friends and Josh played the actual course with the guys. I had a blast and hope to do this again soon.

Visit from Lacee

We were extremely lucky to have Josh's cousin Lacee with us for week. She and 4 friends had been studying abroad the past 5 weeks, then headed over to spend a little time in Switzerland. We hope they all had as much fun as we did. They were all darling girls. And they even bought me some pottery from Italy to thank us for their stay. We all toured around Zurich the first couple days. We shopped, ate at our favorite restaurant "Kings Cave", took a boat ride that dropped us off right by our apartment. By the time we got back to our place each day, we were all exhausted from all the walking. I cooked some fun meals for them. Then we stayed up late every night and watched chic flicks. To tell you the truth, I 'm shocked Josh did as well as he did around all these girls. He was such a great host.


This was our first time to Gridelwald. The girls seemed to like it as much as we did. It reminds me of Park City a little bit. It had a quaint feel to it. We ate at a place overlooking the mountains. And the girls rode bikes down the mountain, while Josh, Lacee and I walked around the town. A good time was had by all.