Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Crusin' On My Cruiser

After years of wanting a beach cruiser, I finally bought one. And what's better than to ride it along the lake in Switzerland. I've had it for a couple months now, but haven't really been able to ride it all that much. Zurich didn't have much of a summer. It rained for 2 months straight. So even though we're into cold fall weather now. I have really enjoyed taking the cruiser out more these past few weeks. I don't have a bike helmet, so I have been riding on the sidewalk. (which is a big No No in Switzerland). By the time I get home from bike rides, I will have had at least one Swissy yelling at me (in German) to get back onto the road. I just flash a big grin their way. And usually get one in return. Britt and Rach, I wish you were here to go cruising with me! You did after all inspire me to get one in the first place.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Our Swiss Beach House

A lot of you have been requesting pictures of our apartment. We lucked out in finding this gem of a place. When my mom came to Zurich she kept calling it "our" beach house, which I thought was really cute of her. We always feel like we're on vacation. It's an old house that's been refurbished, and it's got an amazing view. A few of my favorite things about it are the old wood floors, the bright yellow fridge (probably because it's the only normal size fridge I've seen in Europe), and the tiny bathtub, which Josh seems to hate. lol! I didn't get a picture of the office. But it's just another room. When I think of our place, I think European all the way. It's full of character.