Thursday, June 4, 2009


In April we headed out to Florida for some R&R with our good friends Steve and Rachel who live out there. Many thanks up front to Steve & Rach for their hospitality and playing tour guide for us.

We spent some time waterskiing and driving around the lakes see all the mansions on all the lakes in Orlando. It was so fun to have some glass water and Josh could waterski with all the gators in the lakes. I was really nervous about him doing that but Steve and Rach convinced me it wasn't a problem so I let him go.


Of course being in Orlando we had to hit up Disney world. So fun to ride the rides and hit up all the attractions. We will never forget trying to get the Gorillas attention so we could feed him illegally of course. We were able to hit up three of the Disney Parks in just one day. It's amazing how much you can do without kids. We pretty much ran from ride to ride that day.


We went for a quick overnight trip to the Beach in St. Petersburg. It was such an awesome resort and the beach was incredible. Too bad the Ocean was still a bit on the cold side to go swimming. Perhaps next time we will have to come in the summertime.


We were really lucky in that our flight got delayed for three days due to a number of storms on the Eastern seaboard which caused all the flights in Atlanta to be diverted to Orlando. Due to the mess we got delayed by three days. So we used the time to go golfing, shopping,Gatorland, and to see the temple. We also got to go see a Cirque de Solie show.

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