Monday, January 26, 2009

Christmas Memories

We were able to go to my parents again this year on Christmas Eve. My dad was in charge of the crab legs, Josh was on the grill, and I was on desert duty. After dinner we anxiously waited to opened presents. Josh was really surprised when my mom gave him a Golf Club. I was excited to get some new pillows for my new couch. We were equally excited to give Brian and Melissa a chocolate themed gift basket, which included a fondue pot. We absolutely loved celebrating with the kids. It was fun to watch the new babies get buried in all the wrapping paper. I especially loved the end of the night when I got the kids excited to look out the window to try to find Santa. It was hilarious when Brian scared the kids by taking a Santa Doll sneaking under the window and popping up with it. All the kids were scared to death and didn't want to see Santa anymore. It took an hour to convince them it wasn't the real Santa just Brian playing a joke. Oh what fun my family is!!
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Jessica said...

I LOVED hearing the santa story. Your family is so fun! I love your traditonal photo of the kids in their PJ's looking out the window for Santa. So fun! You can give us a gift next Christmas the chocolate basket sounds so yummy!

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